Did designers spend their winter evenings studying tutorials on internet? On the social networks, the DIY or Do-it-Yourself wave is in full swing, especially when lace is involved: like enhancing a basic T-shirt by embroidering it with micro beads or feminizing boyfriend jeans with lace patches …

Thus, by rekindling the eternal debate of “who inspires who, the street or the runways”, designers have chosen to rework the most basic fabric of all: denim.

At Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière imagined a top with such an extraordinary skill that it would be hard to reproduce it … and his jeans with their pockets transformed by an impressive work with patches could even inspire us! With the right Sophie Hallette lace and a bit of sewing talent : it’s a cinch?!

At Léonard, the always delicate, poetic Yiqing Ling imagines a jumpsuit that balances lace and denim in a totally organic way: like wild, climbing ivy, the lace almost seems to devour the denim. A dazzling art … we’ll need a lot of tutorials to master it!