The color of intrigue, vivid emerald forest green is given extra richness when dyed onto Sophie Hallette’s sumptuous lace and tulle. It’s a real head-turner, with implications of danger, extravagance and strength of character.
Brilliant in a full ball gown, top-to-toe emerald speaks of the Far East, of jewels and gold and fearless fashion. Equally, splashes of green, in a quirky blouse a pop-bright shoe or an extraordinary head-dress, explode into view in an otherwise quietly dull world.

Burberry Prorsum knows how to work this look…just check out their Fall/Winter 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection; and for inspired color-clashing the Fall/Winter 2015 runway show for Honor ‘s Ready-to-Wear collection was a masterpiece.
Shrinking violets need not apply.