Committed to spontaneously sculpting each dress herself, Jisoo Baik works by draping by hand. In this process, she finds the freedom to express her emotions and feels connected to the couture imagery she surrounds herself with.

The Space: the name Baik gives to her wire construction is an architectural gesture that she first built to create a safe space. A place to develop sensitive ideas. Excited about the future but obsessed with the precious heritage of the past, Jisoo introduces her brand with this collection, which she has designed to be a tribute as well as a manifesto for New Couture.

27 October 2023



The Sophie Hallette Incubator is our commitment to innovation while preserving the craft traditions that have made our lace a symbol of elegance in the fashion world. We believe that this collaboration between the creativity of young talent and the expertise of Sophie Hallette will lead to exceptional achievements.
We look forward to seeing the extraordinary creations that will emerge from this unique partnership between our house and the designers of tomorrow. Join us on this journey to celebrate the art, beauty and authenticity of sophisticated lace.
Welcome to the Sophie Hallette Incubator, where creativity meets tradition to shape the future of fashion.